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Time to review: Growing your business

You are working on your business but is your business working for you ?

Do you feel like your in a hamster wheel in your business. Going around and around but not going anywhere fast ? Feeling the business is going good but could be better ? Working long hours with very little to show ? Is it Time to review your business

A phrase you will hear a lot of business lectures is are you in working in your business or are you working for your business ? Many business owners get caught in this trap. You work day to day work comes in, work go out and the cycle goes on. As addressed in the question above this is working in the business. The next part working for the business is a bit complex. Working for the business is the knowing what direction you want to go in, the level of income/profit you want to have, the size you want the business to be, what are your goals.

Tip #1 - Time to do a bit of research

Before starting any plan you will need to do a bit of research to help you understanding of the existing customers in the area but who are your potential customer and where your target market it. Find out what are your key selling points that should make customers decided to come to your business

Tip #2 - Time to get a plan together

The key question here is to be honest with yourself. What do you want out of the business in 5 years time/10 years time/15 years time. Comfortable lifestyle, nice car, nice house, nice holiday. They are different for everyone. Therefore your busy plan should be tailored to you. Write down your goals and plan how you can achieve them with realistic time frame. No one starts to train for a marathon the week before. You have to do the hard miles over a period of time

"A goal without a plan with just a dream"-Brian Tracy

Tip #3 - Make the customers come back

It might seem like a simple thing to do. Keep your current custom base happy. However, considering it cost almost five time as much to get a new customer that it does to keep a current you, they are key to growth. Making sure you give them the best experience possible while you address their concern shows you value them as a customer

Tip #4 - Get Feedback

TALK TO YOUR CUSTOMER. Its amazing how many business change everything within their business without talking to the people who are key to it. Find out what they are happy with, what they do not like, what could be done better.

Tip #5 - Improve, invest in your business

What improvements could you make to the business to not only make it a better experience for your customers but make it better for you ?

Focuses on your existing customer and their needs.

  • Is there a service you could also offer to encourage them to give you more trade.

  • What you could do to make products/service more useful and valuable

  • is there software/equipment you could purchase to allow you to expand your capacity for work or to speed up the process

Now there is only question left to ask is there not ?

Are you going to keep working in your business or are you going to start working FOR your business. This is something we have done time and time again for our clients. Click here to Book a FREE No Obligation Meeting or give us a call today on 028 406 27730


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