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What's your plan for your business ?

Have you ever taken the time to sit down and think what is my business plan

This is often one thing we find that many business owners fall into the trap of nothing having a set plan for their business. Some never do it, some do it back when they first start out on the journey of running your own business, some make notes somewhere on a page that gets lost and never go back to it.

We all in some shape or form that set out life goals for ourselves, they are all different and personal to the individual. Some want to go to university, some want to enter a trade, some want to travel. They are all different and all set by the individual to get the maximum out of life.

Why is running a business any different ? YOUR business is your lifeblood that allows you to achieve the things you want. To go on the holidays you always dreamed of, to own the car you always wanted and so on, the list is endless. There needs to be a plan to reach these targets you have set for yourself

When sitting down to think about your business the key questions you need to know are :

Q1- What is my end goal ?

Q2-What do I want from my business

Q3-How am I going to get there ?

Q4- Is my goal achievable ?

Lets look are why you need to ask yourself these four questions

Q1- It might seem weird to think about the end of your working life at the start of your business plan. However, it is important to sit down and to know what your end goal is.

Q2-What your going to get out of the investment of time and effort into your business , we will want the business to provide us with the lifestyle we want.

Q3-No plan or goal is reached overnight. There are many mile-stones on the journey. You will need to make note of these and what you need. Are you going to need more funding, more staff, more storage space/office space ?

Q4-Are your goals realistic ? If your turnover is £20,000 per year is it realistic to state your goal is to have a turnover of £3 million in 4 years. While your goals should be ambitious they should also be achievable

So what is your business plan ?

If this is something you wish to discuss today in more detail contract us now by following the link below to book your FREE No Obligation Meeting or contact us on 028 406 27730


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