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Helpful forms that you or your business may need from time to time

Companies house forms

  • AA01 Change of Accounting Reference Date

  • AP01 Appoint a Director

  • CH01 Change of details of a Director

  • DS01 Application for striking off

  • AA02 DCA Dormant Company Accounts

  • Written special resolution on change of name

  • AD01 Change a registered office address

  • TM01 Terminate an appointment of a Director

  • DS02 Withdrawal of application for striking off

  • NM01 Change a company name

  • AP03 Appoint a Secretary

  • CH03 Change of details of a Secretary

VAT forms

  • V1 VAT Registration Form

  • VAT68 Request Transfer of VAT Registration Number

  • VAT600FRS Application to use the Flat Rate Scheme

  • VAT1614a Option to tax land

  • VAT7 Application to Cancel Your Registration

  • VAT427 Claims before or after registration or de-registration

  • VAT600AA Application for Annual Accounting Scheme

  • VAT652 Voluntary Disclosure of VAT Return Errors

HM Revenue and Customs personal forms

  • ​​SA100 Individual Tax Return

  • CH2 Child Benefit Claim

  • SC2 Statutory Sick Pay

  • 64-8 Agent Authorisation Form

  • SA303 Claim to reduce payments on account

  • P50 Claim for Income Tax Repayment

HM Revenue and Customs business forms

  • ​​P11 Deductions Sheet (Current Year)

  • PAYE Starter Checklist

  • CT600 Company Tax Return (2008)

  • PAYE Draft Forms: P14/P60 (2014-2015)


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